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World Cup

Millions of football fans around the world are looking for the top-notch biggest football tournament. It is, undoubtedly,  the World Cup 2022. Want a place to watch the World Cup live at ease? 247Sport can be a perfect option for fans who can’t go to Qatar this year. Let us tell you why 247sport is your choice in the following parts.


Why choose 247sport to watch World Cup live streaming?

There are more than 4 reasons below to choose 247sport.net for watch live football streaming today, especially World Cup 2022. 

Enjoy full of World Cup games today

247Sport shows every match of World Cup 2022. You are never afraid of missing a single match as long as you keep an eye on this page. Besides, hot upcoming matches will be prioritized at the top of the list for quick access. 

Enjoy World Cup live streaming in HD quality

Noone wants interruption, lag, or low quality when watching their favorite team competing. Therefore, 247Sport guarantees to provide the high-standardized videos of the World Cup live stream for football fans’ satisfaction. On 247Sport, you can stream the HD video and feel the smooth pass of players on the pitch thanks to its high speed of streaming. 

Pay a smaller fee than many football streaming services out there 

Compared to many streaming football services, 247sport’s price to watch World Cup live on TV and other leagues is quite reasonable. 

Update on world cup live score today

Click on the Result button on the page you can update scores from the finished matches. World Cup live score is updated right below the streaming video. 


How to watch the World Cup 2022 live match today?

No matter where you live, you can enjoy World Cup live on TV with 247sport with a few steps. 

  • Firstly, register an account to test the free trial plan. 
  • Secondly, buy a suitable plan. Football leagues last all year around. If you want to watch World Cup 2022 only, we suggest monthly or quarterly packages. If you want to watch more matches from Champions League live or Premier Leagues live, a yearly package works perfectly for you. 
  • Finally, confirm your account, login again and have the most relaxing moments to watch top teams of the World Cup . 

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About the World Cup tournament



The World is full of exciting football tournaments. You can name it: Champions League, Premier League, La Liga, Seri A and much more. But World Cup is the biggest tournament taking place every 4 years that has the largest number of fans. 

According to Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA), World Cup is defined as a tournament where 32 nations compete against each other for the prize. It unites followers around their shared love of the game by providing exciting finals events and continental qualification processes.

Following that definition, World Cup is not just a competition. Let alone for those who get to attend the games, we're talking about how nations can come together, how fans can interact, and how people from different generations may share experiences that will last a lifetime.

World Cup was first held in 1930 in Uruguay. 

This year, World Cup 2022 is held in Qatar. What is your favorite teams? Germany, Argentina, France, or Japan. We can’t wait for the final champion of this season. Stay with 247sport.net to enjoy the best way to watch World Cup live on TV.